Brand story
Monokeros means beautiful, magical unicorns. Monokeros was conceived in the land of the long white cloud, where the wonders of nature and free spirits dominate, and the imagination can run wild. A humble herbivore, the alpaca, served as the original source of inspiration for the collection. One day, the designer spent a long time admiring an alpaca, wondering if it ever dreamed of becoming a unicorn?
In the designer’s mind, the alpaca became an animal full of longing for the mysterious unicorn, eager to become this fantastic and mythic beast. The alpaca wants to see the world, and dreams that there is some magic out there that could transform it into an animal of legend. In pursuit of this magic, it sets out alone on a journey of discovery and exploration. The designer is newly inspired each day by the adventures of this searching alpaca - in other words, his own rich imagination. The stories and exploits of the animal on its quest for the magic that will transform it become richer and more elaborate, and in the designer’s mind, new creations start to appear, taking the form of this collection of sunglasses. In pursuit of magic and in homage to the joy of imagination, Monokeros was born.